Should I get maternity photos?

My one regret from pregnancy? Not taking maternity photos. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my son, to this day (5 and a half years later), I have one true regret in my motherhood journey -fine, I regret eating cake everyday for the first year of my child’s life, but that doesn’t count. I regret not having pregnancy photos taken. In the era of smart phones, we tend to think that just any snap will do to turn memories into something more concrete that you can keep. I have to be honest. That doesn’t hold truth for everything.
Phone Pictures are fine, but…


I certainly love snapping pictures with my phone, but for those really important, life changing moments, you want your pictures to be timeless, and beautifully crafted. I would never have thought to have smart phone pictures of my wedding, so why did I decide to do that for my pregnancy? The truth is, I didn’t want to feel indulgent. I didn’t want it to make it all about me.





Pregnancy is a life-changing time


What I didn’t know, is that motherhood is the most life-altering experience I was ever going to go through. It would change me in almost every single way I could possibly think. Growing a child was an amazing and exhausting experience. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, you feel invincible and the most vulnerable you ever felt. You feel like there’s a before and after.

And yes, of course the most important thing about pregnancy is health. You can check out some tips here






So, if I was to do it again, I would find myself a photographer who understood motherhood. Someone who knew that, as an expecting mother, I was scared, excited, tired and so eager to get to know my baby. Someone who knows that becoming a mother means giving a huge part of yourself to somebody else and accepting that you will never get it back. It will forever change you and so you must register this moment, just before the shift happens. The moment when you think you know what’s about to come your way and when you realize that you are capable of more love and strength than you could ever know.

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Hi, I’m Evelynne. I love finding beauty in the small things and poetic moments between people who care for each other deeply. My photos are full of love, deep feelings and imperfections. I want your pictures to show how you truly lived and loved people around you.

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