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Playful and laid back photography that tells your love story

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Your love is safe with me...

Since becoming a mom, time just flies, all the time. Do you feel it too?

I find myself constantly thinking ” I just want to be able to remember these days”.

That’s where photos and videos come in. A way to remember all the little versions of your child as they change through the years.

You know how precious pictures are, because you feel this ache in your heart to freeze time.


Portland Photography Services

Award Badge, from Shutter Up, it reads "Published Photographer 2022"
Award Badge, from Expertise.com, it reads, "Best Family Photographer 2022"
Featured Badge, from Inspired Magazine for 2022
Published Photographer Badge for SNS in 2022
Top 50 Photographers Badge for LSP in 2022

Beautiful imagery to help you freeze time

I'm evelynne

Portland Photographer Evelynne Gomes Greenberg

I make photos that feel like love and a warm embrace. I believe your photos should be fun, playful and full of genuine emotion.

 I will guide you though the session to showcase your family in the best light and angles, without the need for your kids to be sitting still for long poses.

I offer a service that is full of luxury touches, like assistance in planning your styling and location.


Your photos deserve to live on your walls

A big part of your experience will me will be selecting prints for your home.

There is no pressure to purchase albums and prints. Instead, I include a generous print credit in each collection. 

You will then select prints and done-for-you albums from your online shop. An easy and stress free process.

Because your photos deserve to live on your walls, not in your hard drive.

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Let's chat

Let’s make it a date! I would love to hear more about you and your family. Can’t wait to create magic with you.

You can also contact me on hello@egomesgreenbergphotography.com