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Your baby will soon be in your arms. Next thing you know they will be smiling, sitting, walking. It all goes so fast and it can feel like a blur. Especially those first few days. As your Portland Newborn photographer I want to give you an effortless experience. Unique images to document this life-changing time in your lives. 

Documenting your baby’s first days is one of those things that you will never regret. As long as you find a photographer who aligns with your family’s lifestyle, you will have images that you will cherish for years to come.

The best part? The whole process is really simple. There will be no complicated props or poses. You can have the photos taken at your home, outdoors or we can go to an alternative indoor location, like a cozy studio with a home feel. Your baby can be just fresh out of the oven or a couple of months old. Whatever works best for you, because newborn life is busy enough, we don’t need to add any more complexity to it.


That will be totally up to you. A few factors to consider and discuss with your Portland Newborn Photographer are:

  • Time of the year: if the weather is mild an outdoor session can work beautifully for newborns. For winter time or extremely hot days I would recommend an in home session
  • In home sessions don’t have to be extra work for you. There’s no need to go on a cleaning spree making the whole house look sparkling. A simple tidy up, removing any items you don’t want in the photos from public view is more than enough. If you feel like this is something that brings you stress, consider hiring someone to tidy up and do some light cleaning the day before the session.
  • Your house doesn’t have to be “Instagram worthy”. Any home is a great home to document your baby’s arrival. All we need is a couple of windows that bring in good light.

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