What to Expect from Your Maternity Session

  What an exciting (and exhausting) time in your life! Your pregnancy probably is full of ups and downs and you are feeling super anxious about finally meeting your baby. If you are here is probably because you have decided to have a maternity session to document your pregnancy , such a  unique time in your life. Let me give you some super useful info to help you prepare for your maternity session in Portland, OR How to Prepare for your Maternity Session   I usually advise having your session around the 30 to 34 weeks mark. Because of that,


Covid-19 : Omicron and Your Photo Session Safety

  I was kind of hoping that by February 2022 we wouldn’t be talking about COVID anymore. How wrong was I? Your Photo Session safety is my priority and will do anything in my power to keep your and my family family safe We are all very, very tired of this pandemic and, quiet honestly so ready to move on with our lives. Am I right? Unfortunately yet another challenge in the shape of Omicron has arrived. So let me tell you my safety plan:   I AM FULLY VACCINATED AND BOOSTED    I am fully vaccinated (and boosted) and


Why You Should Book a Couple’s Photoshoot This Year | Couples Photography Portland

At the beginning there were the two of you….you did a lot of things together, slept in, went out on dates whenever you felt like it. Then came the kid(s) and the dishes, laundry and toys started piling up. You haven’t slept in years and can’t remember when you last washed your hair. It happens to all of us, my friend. So, here is my proposal for you this year – Book a Couple’s Session  for your anniversary! There are so many beautiful locations I want to show you in Portland, the Oregon Coast or The Columbia River Gorge. Somewhere


How To Prepare for You Newborn Session

      Your newborn is finally here! So exciting and exhausting, right? And now you are probably starting to think about your newborn baby photography session. So here are some tips to take the overwhelm out of it for you. WHAT TO EXPECT  FROM A NEWBORN SESSION?   Your  newborn session will be super relaxed. We have no real expectations for our sessions with kids. Kids are always unpredictable and that is totally fine . If baby is in a good mood and sleepy, it will be easy breezy, if not, we will give baby the time they need



Hi, I’m Evelynne. I love finding beauty in the small things and poetic moments between people who care for each other deeply. My photos are full of love, deep feelings and imperfections. I want your pictures to show how you truly lived and loved people around you.

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