Raw Motherhood Series – Tara


Tell me about yourself

I am an eternal learner with a passion for culture, and have always strived to continually grow. I am the first in my family to go to college and am the oldest to have children. The rest of my family started having babies quite young.

I grew up with divorced parents, as many do, but both also being alcoholics and we lived very low income. I grew up in an area with many Mexican families and that started my love for different cultures. I learned how to cook Mexican foods at my friend’s homes and speak Spanish. Since then I have constantly been intrigued by all cultures, with Latin culture having a particularly special place in my heart.

I landed a job with an amazing corporation a little over 14 years ago and have held over 12 different roles in a variety of functions, and it has taken me to many places all over the world.

Almost eight years ago when my son was born I decided to ago I decided to show my son how to help the community. It’s something I always vowed to myself I would do as a kid because we constantly received so much help with food, clothes, and gifts during the holidays. So we have adopted a family every year and put a lot of love into trying to make it a special time for them. In order to be able to do this at such an elevated lever every year I decided to take take on entrepreneurship in the skin care industry with a brand I love. Each year the money I have made from this business is what I use to buy gifts, food, and clothes for our adopted family.

Then last year, during the 2020 pandemic, my husband and I decided to turn a wood working hobby into an official LLC company. This has become my side hustle as I am trying to network and get our small business known to more people. I am incredibly proud of the work my husband does as he makes beautiful creations.

With all that said, my most precious and amazing gift and job is being the mother of two incredible children. I am a mother to a newborn who was born in November, so experienced all the unknowns of being pregnant, giving birth, and now raising a newborn during a pandemic. I also have a super bright boy who will turn 8 in February.

I have learned right along side of him how to manage school online with a lack of social interaction, so we ensure to “play” something every single day. Whether it’s a board game, cards, going on a picnic, riding bikes, doing a scavenger hunt, etc.


What are some of your interests outside of work?

I zen out when I can read and write, and wish I found more time to do these things. I really enjoy yoga and cycling. And I love playing board games as a family.


How do you feel motherhood has changed you and the way people see you?

I feel as though my husband is still looked to as the sole provider in our home, which is hard since I put a lot of effort in my work and don’t feel recognized as a strong working professional who is also during her best to rock it as a great mom.

Do you feel supported as a working mother? What would make things more manageable?

I feel that it’s hard to feel supported because there are so many things to manage nowadays. You have the dishes that need to be done, groceries in the fridge, snacks in cupboard, food on the table, house organized, appointments scheduled, be on top of school and all the emotional needs… and still be a loving partner. That doesn’t even include any jobs or side hustles going on. In order to try and manage all the beautiful life chaos, I have learned that Communication is key! Asking for help, delegating, and letting go of some things.


Tell me about your relationships with other women in your life. Do you think women support each other enough? How can we create more community?

I feel a shift in this realm and feel that we as women are getting better at supporting each other. There are some women that come into your life and you know you will always be each other’s cheerleaders. But in the bigger picture as women in general, I feel perhaps there has been that lack of support and encouragement for fear that somehow it would be taking away from yourself. Perhaps since women have always had a harder time compared to men, and so they feel they need to compete for it. But fortunately now we are learning that’s just not true. Yay for us women!!!


Do you have a any parenting hacks or advice to share with other working parents?

Parenting hacks seem to ebb and flow with growing children. However, two things I have found that have worked well for us is making your children self sufficient as much as you can and having a schedule/routine. It could be ensuring your children have some kind of timer (hurray for Alexa) and know when they are able to do certain activities. That they understand what’s expected at bedtime routine and can start it themselves or better yet, keep you accountable. Giving them the task of always picking up their plates from the table and rinsing them in the sink. Teaching them how to make their snacks or a sandwich. All of these tasks that take time to teach and instill in them will pay off for you and make it easier. As well as of course teach them independence and help instill self confidence.

What would you like your children to know about your motherhood journey?

I promise I always did my best, even in my not so best moments.

Learn more about Tara at https://www.tarainiguez.com/


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