Evelynne Gomes Greenberg

mom kissing son on the head during family session

The experience

Working with you to document your most precious memories it’s an honor I don’t take for granted.

Years and years from now, when your kids are all grown up and you around the table, remembering these sweet days, you will have these pictures to take you right back.

My work is made with your heart in mind. Images that will make you feel something, bring a smile to your face and most likely a (happy) tear to your eyes.


The Proccess


Send me a message to chat dates and details. Once we’re all set, we will start having fun planning your session.


Included in your session fee is an in person consultation where you can try pieces from my client closet on and we will plan styling for the whole family, together.

session day

You want amazing photos without all the awkward posing. I’ve got you covered! I will guide you and your family through my unposed style. Focused on fun and connection, we will skip all the awkwardness and get straight to beautiful memories.

art for your walls

These memories will be in your family for generations. With my simple, easy-to-use gallery system, you will get art work for your walls, stress-free.

The Magic of Film

Pictures are wonderful gateways to a time we can’t go back to. Their ability to take us back in time makes it almost the perfect heirloom. But then there’s film.
To be able to see your family in a film, the way your little kids move and squeeze your hands. The way their little mouths curl when they are excited or sad.
Most importantly, for your kids to be able to see the love in your eyes, how you held them so tight when they cried, how much joy their presence brought to you. That goes beyond the magic of photography. 

Films are a way to keep details that we would never be able to keep otherwise. To not only remember, but to relive our own lives.

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Maternity Photographer, Evelynne Gomes Greenberg

Ready to get in touch?

Let’s make it a date! I would love to hear more about you and your family. Can’t wait to create magic with you.

Collections start at $900

You can also reach me on hello@egomesgreenbergphotography.com