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What’s In a Picture?


To me, pictures are little boxes full of surprises. I love getting home after a session and loading the photos to my computer. Very often what I find brings tears to my eyes. Deep love and connection. People who work hard every day to make things work, to make life better. All of that just waiting to be discovered. I can’t wait to open see what your family’s beauty unfold.



photo by Jessica Bosco

photo by Jessica Bosco


Things to know about me


My name is Evelynne and I’m so happy you’re here! I am a lifestyle photographer in Portland, OR.

I am originally from Brazil and lived in London for 12 years before moving to the great Pacific Northwest.

As a mom, I know how busy parents are and how important making and keeping memories of our little ones is. My work as a photographer brings me to revisit some of my most cherished memories of a barefoot childhood and spilled ice cream. Because of that, my sessions are filled with fun and have a lot of room for authentic connections between you and your loved ones.

I believe in the central and essential role of women in society as mothers, professionals, and individuals and so I always make time for mama to have her special moment in front of the camera.

I have invested in education with some of the best family photographers in the country like Elena S Blair, Stormy Solis and Sandra Coan, to bring you the best family photography experience possible.

Can’t wait to meet you!



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what can we expect from a session with you?


My sessions are natural and relaxed. I will give you just enough direction so that I can capture beautiful images of you and your family, but what I really want is to document the love and connection you have for each other. What I really want is for you to interact as if I wasn’t there. I’ll let you know where to stand/sit so that the light hits you best and we will create magic.

What if my kids don’t want to sit still?


I have a whole blog post on this right here. But mainly I will treat your kids the same way I treat my own. I’ll give them attention, respect and warmth and, in return they show me their true personality. We will take breaks if we need to, and allow enough time in the session for movement and even a snack if they need. Mostly, I don’t have any specific expectations. I come to each session with an open mind and looking forward to discovering what makes your family special.

Why do you offer styling assistance?


What I want is for you to have the best pictures you can possibly have, so I spend a lot of time studying color and the locations I offer. When I work with you on the styling for your shoot, I’ll be thinking about the shoot as whole ( your family, location, light) so that I can produce art that you will be proud to hang in your walls. Here’s how styling for my sessions works:

  • we talk about what you’d envision your session to look like and we decide on a location

  • I will send you a board with some ideas for your (mom) outfit. If you are happy with the ideas, I will send you links directly to make it easier for you

  • After mom’s outfit is decided, work on the kids and your partner ( again, I will send a board with ideas and direct link to products)

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