How to Pick Outfits for Family Photos

Choosing outfits for your family photos does not have to be super stressful. We have some super useful tips to help you! If you are booked for a session with us we will help you the whole way. This includes sending you links to specific pieces and giving you access to our client closet.


1- Coordinate, don’t match


Here’s the biggest misconception about family photos. A while ago, somebody came up with this idea that everybody should wear the same in order to have their family photos taken. But is that really how you all walk around normally? Wouldn’t you want your family pictures to have more of a realistic feel? I know I would.

That’s why I say this, don’t match – coordinate. Sounds similar but there’s a world of difference here. For example, if one of the parents wears a mustard dress, you will get the other family members to wear colors that compliment mustard but not mustard itself. Take a look at these color mood boards I put together.

This is even more important when it comes to patterns and prints. There’s nothing wrong with patterns and prints, I love them. But when it comes to busy prints and patterns we have to ensure that they all go together. One great way to find amazing color combinations is Pinterest.

2 – The secret is in the colors

Like I mentioned before, color is extremely important, at least for my style of photography. If you look at my photos you will notice that they all have a central theme of emotion, love and…color! Every artist has their own style, mine is definitely very color centered. Colors can evoke emotions and moods and I believe they are central to what makes my photos standout.

It doesn’t mean that every single piece your family wears needs to be colorful. I’m talking about neutral colors coupled with splashes of vibrant colors to bring some life into the scene.

Even if you decide not to wear anything from my client closet or follow my suggestions about what specifically to wear, I do hope you will let me help you with the color combinations so we can achieve the best result possible for your family photos.

3- Think about comfort and movement

There’s a very specific reason why I’m a little obsessed with maxi dresses. They are incredibly comfortable. Most maxi dresses give the wearer the opportunity to move freely without worrying about any parts of their body they want covered, being exposed.

Because of that, they allow us to move freely through the locations I take my clients which very often involve sand, logs, climbing rocks, etc.

They also add another element to amazingly emotive photos – motion. Whether is the wind blowing the skirt or the wearer twirling around, there’s something very beautiful about capturing that movement.

4- Let The Personalities Come Through

Yes, I do love maxi dresses and I also have a preference for earthy and jewel tones. But if that’s not your family at all, then of course we won’t do that!

I respect every family’s dynamic and style. If you all love jeans and sweaters, we will do that. If you all want to wear black, we will find a way for that to work (sniff). Most important for me is that your family feels like they are being seen and heard. I would never force them to follow my style if that’s not what they love. In a way or another, we will get to a result that will both allow you to express your personalities and me to express my artistic vision.

5- Ask Your Photographer for Help

Helping my clients with styling is a lot more of a joy than a task for me. I absolutely love doing that and spend a lot of my time researching clothing and color theory. I also offer my clients access to my client wardrobe which means they can use dresses, skirts and kids’ clothes for no extra charge.

If you decide you want to buy new pieces for your family, I can help by doing all the research and sending you links to specific items that you can purchase and by doing so, saving you a bunch of time.

Even if your photographer doesn’t offer this extensive service, they should definitely be able to help you by giving you an idea of what colors and styles work best for their editing style and the location selected.

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Hi, I’m Evelynne. I love finding beauty in the small things and poetic moments between people who care for each other deeply. My photos are full of love, deep feelings and imperfections. I want your pictures to show how you truly lived and loved people around you.

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