Choosing Your Oregon Coast Family Photographer

If you are looking for an  Oregon Coast Family Photographer you landed in the perfect spot!

The Oregon Coast is a magical and almost mystical place. Even though I have been to many different coasts in different parts of the world I have to say there’s nothing quite like it.

If you have been thinking of having pictures taken at the Oregon Coast all I can say is that this is a fantastic location. But now let me tell you more about why you should choose me as your photographer:

mom surrounded by her kids and husband during session with Oregon Coast family Photographer

The Oregon Coast calls for a poetic approach


It would be a real missed opportunity if you took your photos at the Oregon Coast and they didn’t have a poetic feel. These coast are what dreams are made of.

My approach to photography is to allow the beauty of human connection shine through. I find that real moments of love and care are the most poetic way to tell someone’s story. And I have not come across a better setting around here than the beautiful shorelines of the Pacific Ocean.

When you have your photos taken by me, I will allow your personality and essence to shine through. We will get to know each other before the session through questionnaires, emails and phone calls. Your photos will be a beautiful documentation of your life at an absolutely epic location.


dad twirling daughter during session with Oregon Coast Photographer

The Styling will be impeccable


Do you feel stressed thinking about how you will have to decide on what everybody will wear for the photoshoot and it will be so overwhelming? Not if you work with me.

I take the stress off styling by being your personal styling consultant. I will ask you a few easy questions to get started and then I will build the styling for your entire family through the use of my client closet and pieces that you might already have. If you don’t have pieces that you want to use, I will send you specific links to pieces that you can order. Piece of cake!

Some of my favorite places to shop for a beach session are Free People and  Joyfolie.

The colors, textures and flow of your wardrobe choices will make your Oregon Coast Photos even more wow.


oREGON Coast family Photographer photo of mother and two daughters photo of family with oregon coast beach in the background

Your Oregon Coast Family Photographer should be unique


Unless you actually live at the Coast, you will probably have to go through a fair amount of driving to get there. You might even be coming from out of state!

To do that and get photos that could have been done by just anyone, would be a waste.

I offer unique photography for families and couples. Why unique  you might ask?

Because my photography focuses on you, and there are not two people who are exactly the same in this world.

By getting to know you first, focusing on your personalities, coming up with different ways to get everybody to relax, I can give you stunning images that you will never ever want to put away.


So, are you ready? You can read more about how to make the most of your Oregon Coast Session right here



Hi, I’m Evelynne. I love finding beauty in the small things and poetic moments between people who care for each other deeply. My photos are full of love, deep feelings and imperfections. I want your pictures to show how you truly lived and loved people around you.

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