Photoshoot ideas for toddlers and their parents


A lot of the times we make things way more complicated than they are. Would you agree? I think having your family pictures taken is one of those things that we think it will be a lot harder than it actually is. At least if you have your photos done by me! That’s why I wanted to give you some tips for photoshoot ideas for toddlers and their parents.

MotherhoodsessionPortland2.jpgI try to make things as easy and simple to my clients as possible. That’s why my payment system is very easy to navigate, my gallery delivery software is super user friendly and gets the pictures to you in an instant, I help with styling and location and so much more! Because I want you to focus on spending quality time with your family when we are together. I don’t want this to be a super laborious process for you.

So I created this list for you, so that you can have it handy when preparing for our session. Here are three things you should bring to your family photoshoot.


1- Snacks and Water

Yes, that sounds pretty obvious and basic. But I know that you might be feeling a little flustered when trying to leave the house with the kids and making sure you are on time and looking great, etc.

So here’s my advice, the night before your session you can fill up water bottles and get some non-messy snacks together and stick them in the car. That way, whatever goes down the next day when you are working so hard to get everybody out of the house on time, you don’t have to worry about it.


2- An emergency item that can stop a tantrum on its tracks

I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. When my son was little, I used to carry a lollipop in my bag AT ALL TIMES. Of course I wasn’t going to stick a lollipop in his mouth just because he was having the odd tantrum ( I mean hourly tantrum). The lollipop was for special situations only, where I had exhausted all other ways to settle my child and I really needed him to settle.

MotherhoodsessionPortland5.jpgNow, I am all for allowing kids to feel all the emotions and I encourage your kids to show me their whole personality. The issue is we only have a certain amount of time before the sun goes down and we completely run out of light, so if you do have a special item that you can bring in case of a tantrum emergency, then please do. But the trick is, don’t use it until you have exhausted all other options.

We can always spend 15 minutes waiting for your child to feel better, that’s not a problem at all. Once we are going on 20- 30 mins, that’s when I would recommend bringing the emergency item out.

3- Low Expectations
This is not so much of an item but a state of mind. The way I walk into ALL of my sessions is, I don’t have any expectations. Honestly, I have zero expectations of how your kids will behave ( I do expect the adults to be respectful and to collaborate though, of course).
Every session is a blank canvas for me. I have no idea if your kids will trust me straight away or if it will take them half the session to warm up. I  come into the session thinking that all I really want is for you and your family to spend time together and allow me to peek a little bit into your moments of love and connection. Everything else will just unfold during the session.

I have a game plan, of course, because I have to be in control so that you can all relax.

So, mMotherhoodsessionPortland8.jpgy biggest ask from you, is that you don’t come to the photos with  a specific expectation in mind. Let your kids be kids and, most importantly, let them be themselves. I will guide and direct them to do things that I believe will help bring out their personalities and joy.
There’s no need to tell them to “smile” or look at the camera. The more freedom we give them, the more comfortable they will feel. And that’s when the magic happens.

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Hi, I’m Evelynne. I love finding beauty in the small things and poetic moments between people who care for each other deeply. My photos are full of love, deep feelings and imperfections. I want your pictures to show how you truly lived and loved people around you.

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